Whiteboards is a journey, a combination and enhancement of opposites. It is black or white, it is absolute or uniqueness, awareness and naivety… it is experience, mystery, irreverence, respect, strength and character; It is presence, power, pride and arrogance, life and death; it is punk, street, luxury, deep, it is freedom, unconventionality, acting, now and ever, experiment, brain, global; it is “I don’t care a pin”, it is responsability, it is “I am myself and I would die for you”, it is beyond, it is immortality, it is getting serious, it’s “do of me what you want”, a dream and a nightmare, horror and a game, darkness, light, an angel and a devil, direct, authentic, a scream, elegance, intensity.

Whiteboards is an eternal romantic adolescence comfortably ill-at-ease.

Designed in Italy by XXIXXO_all right reserved.

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